Animo Excelso Pour Over

Coffee brewer for delicious fresh coffee

Coffee… your customers and staff cannot do without it. Therefore, the coffee must be of superior quality, which can be achieved easily with the Animo Excelso coffee brewer.

Perfect temperature

The coffee brewer is produced of high quality stainless steel and has been equipped with two self-regulating hot plates. The self-regulating hot plates ensure that the coffee is always at the correct temperature. A full jug of fresh coffee is brewed just in six minutes.

Where to use?

The Excelso coffee brewer is ideal for professional use. A competitive price, in combination with low maintenance costs, guarantee a low cost price per cup of coffee.

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•Entirely made of stainless steel 18/9

•High hour capacity; 18 ltr./ 144 cups

•Supplied with 1 glass jug, 1,8 ltr.

•2 self-regulating hot plates, can be used separately

•Dry boil protection

•Easy to operate

•Easy to clean

•220-240 V / 2250 W